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Welcome to my home page! At the moment, it's basically a collection of links.

I am currently in training at UCSF Fresno, a truly great program. I am working hard to learn and be of service to the community. I was honored to go to school at Stanford University and the University of Michigan, where I was a Dean's Merit Scholar. Within medicine, I have interests in oncology and the accessibility of healthcare for underserved populations.

You might have ended up here while intending to find HUD Deputy Assistant Secretary Priya Jayachandran.


One of my recent projects was Medical Grounds, collecting and sharing the stories of healthcare workers around the world. Doctors and other medical professionals get an intimate view of the situation their patients face day to day. Their stories also underscore the commonalities in medicine across countries and circumstances.

Another recent project was an analysis of causes of death in Fresno county as compared to other regions of California. (Maps to be uploaded.)

Cholangiocarcinoma best practices - details to come.

A few years ago I was fortunate to volunteer at St. Luke's Leprosy Hospital.

I also have an interest in how emerging technologies can aid the quality and accessibility of healthcare. For example, I presented at the MedicineX conference last year on how artificial intelligence can aid in interpreting radiological scans.


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While my main focus is on my training and medicine, other interests include oil painting [Portfolio link here] and volunteering. I've recently tried to find time to run. (If you're in the Bay Area in May, visit the Race for Literacy organized by the India Literacy Project, in which I participated in the 5K last year.)


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Priya Jayachandran
Priya Jayachandran MD
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Priya Jayachandran MD, Fresno
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Priya Jayachandran, UCSF Fresno
Priya Jayachandran
Priya Jayachandran M.D.
Priya Jayachandran
Priya Jayachandran
Priya Jayachandran